Assad to Omran: ‘You are not real’...

In an interview with Swiss channel SRF1 on October 19, Bashar Assad proved to the world once again that he is impervious to truth.

We have become used to the fact that he has his own alternate reality of what is happening in Syria.

We know that he has conveniently labeled everyone who does not support him as a “terrorist” in order to give justification to his killing of unarmed civilians since the early days of the Syrian revolution.

We know that he has denied ever using chemical weapons in Syria and says that UN reports saying he did are not credible.

We know that he consistently denies that he has targeted civilians in their own homes as well as hospitals, schools, breadlines and every form of infrastructure that is being used to keep the Syrian society functioning in the liberated areas.

We know that he denies that any detainees have been tortured or killed in his notorious prisons and again claims that reports of such abuses by eye witnesses be they former prisoners or defected ex-employees, are also not credible.

We know that he claims it is his sovereign right to invite foreign militias into Syria to help him kill Syrians even as he continues to insist that Syrians are the only ones who can decide what should be done in Syria.

We also know he has denied that there are any righteous Syrians among those who do not support him and that he insists that The White Helmets, the internationally recognized Syrian Civil Defense workers who have rescued tens of thousands of civilians from under the rubble of their bombed out homes, are simply al Qaeda terrorists in disguise.

But just a few days ago, Assad came face to face with the now famous photo of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh and called him a fake, a forgery, a false representation of a traumatized little boy who had been rescued from the ruins of his barrel bombed home; played by whom you may ask? By an al-Nusra "terrorist" disguised as a 4-year-old boy?

Just one day or two before his interview with the Swiss journalist at the "presidential palace" in Damascus, Assad’s own wife had expressed her concern for Omran as well as the rest of Syria’s children in an interview with Russia Today (RT).

“I am personally saddened by the loss of every single child, whether it is Aylan or Omran or the many, many others, whose names did not reach western headlines,” said Asma Assad during the interview.

When the Swiss journalist had asked her husband if he talked about what was happening in Syria with his own children at the dinner table, Assad had said yes.

Perhaps Asma was not there when her husband informed the family that the little boy in the internationally known photo was simply a forgery; a fake photo of a severely traumatized child that was produced by foreign conspirators and "terrorists" disguised as White Helmets with the sole purpose of discrediting him and unjustly making him look like a bad guy!...
(Orient net)